Wedding Flowers by Bituin - Terms and Conditions


  • All quotes produced by Bituin are valid for fourteen (14) days. During this time we will hold the date for your wedding. After this time the date will be released back into our availability pool. We cannot hold dates or provide tentative bookings.
  •  To confirm your quote and secure your date, we require an initial 25% payment and acceptance of these terms and conditions, unless otherwise specified by a Bituin team member. 
  • It is your responsibility to review all event details, including the date, wedding venue, and quantities of items to be delivered.
  • The 25% payment will be deducted from the total owing. 
  • Changes to the quote can be made under the conditions outlined in the “Amending items on quote” section. 

Payment Terms 

  • The balance owing on your order is due 30 days prior to your wedding date. 
  • We cannot deliver any items or event designs without final confirmation of payment receipt. 
  • Payments are be made by direct deposit to the Bituin account, details of which are provided on the invoice. 
  • We may also accept credit/debit card payments on request, which will incur a 1.5% processing fee.

Sole Florist

  • Bituin will be the sole exclusive florist for your event.  Any designers will be direct employees or sub-contractors of the designated sole florist used at this event.  
  • By agreeing to these terms and conditions the client agrees that no other person or company, including but not limited to caterer, coordinator, planner, event designer, baker, professional or otherwise, shall provide fresh or artificial floral products or decor for the client’s event without the written consent of Bituin.
  • This is to protect our professional reputation and to insure uniformity throughout your event. 
  • Any exceptions must be approved in writing by Bituin and exceptions are at the sole discretion of Bituin.

Flower Substitutions

  • All attempts will be made in regards to colours and types of flowers and materials requested. However, due to the perishable and seasonal nature of the product, substitutions are sometimes necessary. 
  • Substitutes will be similar (as close as possible) for flowers and floral materials. We reserve the right to make the needed changes without approval if deemed necessary to present our best and most creative work.  If they are significantly different we will attempt to contact you with information on substitutions.
  • We may use floral material that is imported from overseas and therefore can be unpredictable. Sometimes the items requested are not available.
  • Floral arrangements and bouquets are created using flowers that vary in size, colour, shape, fragrance etc. throughout their natural season. This can affect the sizing of the products we provide, making bouquets and arrangements slightly smaller or larger.
  • We will always attempt to adhere to the agreed colour palette and style of floral design, as outlined in our supplied design inspiration.
  • Accordingly, we also reserve the right to artistic license in design. This allows us to adjust to the peculiarities of the flowers used, serving you to the highest of our ability.

Amending items on quote

  • Upon accepting the estimate on the proposal, you are accepting the items and agreeing to the value listed on the estimate and invoice. 
  • Should you need to increase, reduce or cancel items, we are happy to do so, however, only minimal reductions can be made 30 days prior to the event. After this period, the final total may not be reduced by more than 10% of the original agreed upon estimate.
  • Changes to your order must be verified by Bituin in writing. Pricing to your order will be adjusted accordingly.

Acceptance of Delivery and Responsibility

  • Bituin's responsibility for care, maintenance, quality and/or longevity of all flowers and arrangements ends with the acceptance of possession of wedding party flowers by the client or their representative and once the ceremony and/or reception begins for the ceremony and reception flowers, respectively.
  • No refunds will be made after delivery has been accepted.  
  • In the event you are not available during the scheduled delivery, you will designate someone to accept/sign for the delivery and be sure all items requested are accounted for. 
  • Bituin will not be held accountable if any florals become damaged or go missing due to failure to meet with the delivery person. Bituin will not leave items at the door.
  • The Client does hereby release from responsibility florist in the event The Client or Designated Person cannot be located or chooses to not sign-off delivery.


  • Should you need to cancel your booking, you will need to notify us in writing as soon as possible. We are happy to offer to transfer your booking to another date, subject to availability - refer to Rescheduling section below.
  • Cancellations within 2 months of the wedding date will incur a cancellation fee of any monies paid (i.e. the deposit).
  • Cancellations made within 1 month of wedding date will result in loss of 50% of the complete payable amount.
  • Cancellations made 2 weeks within the Wedding date will result in loss of the complete payable amount.


  • Bituin understand’s unexpected disruptions can occur (for example COVID-19). Should you need to reschedule or postpone the date of the wedding more than 3 weeks before the Wedding date; you will need to inform us in writing. Should the “new” date be available, we will confirm with you in writing. Should the date not be available, a cancellation will occur, based on the cancellation terms and conditions above.
  • If the wedding is postponed within 3 weeks of the Wedding date, we may still change the Wedding date however additional charges may be incurred for flowers that have been ordered and received. 

Venue, Installations & Large Scale Designs 

  • Rules and regulations of all event sites are the responsibility of the client.  The client shall provide a copy of all pertinent rules to Bituin.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to advise the venue / events manager regarding the scope of designs. 
  • The responsibility remains with the client to seek the required permissions from the venue to construct any hanging, suspended or other uncommon floral installations. 
  • We cannot be held responsible or liable for any instances where work cannot be completed and achieved due to a lack of permission or safety at the venue.

Photographs & Video Footage 

  • Bituin reserves the right to photograph all arrangements upon installation for promotional material use. This includes, but is not limited to social media, brochures, websites, Pinterest, advertising, magazine submissions and other publications related to self-promotion and marketing.
  • Where images are provided, appropriate credit will be given i.e the photographer.
  • Bituin will be respectful of your privacy and anonymity by not including your name or photos of you and your guests without prior permission.
  • Bituin may, at our cost and discretion, document aspects of your event with photography, video and or written word with vendors of our choosing. 
  • Bituin agree to hold off from posting any images to social media until after the wedding ceremony has begun.

Items Provided by Client

  • It is the Client’s responsibility to provide Bituin with an accurate list including photos and exact sizes of all items you will be providing for us to use or set-up. 
  • Bituin will take normal care of your items but is not responsible for any damage or breakage happening during handling or use. We recommend you provide extras of each breakable item in case such breakage occurs. 
  • All vases, containers, or other items must be provided in clean and water tight condition with no stickers or labels on them. 
  • All packaging must be opened and packing materials removed. 
  • Any fabric/ribbon/etc. must be pressed and clean. 
  • Any candles should be unwrapped and ready to be used.  
  • A fee in the amount of $50.00 per hour will be assessed and charged to your final bill/card on file for any cleaning services provided by Bituin. 
  • If we are requested to provide additional on-site set-up of unlisted items a minimal additional fee of $50.00 per hour per on-site staff member will be charged.  

Hired Items

  • All hire items remain our property and are provided on a hire only basis, unless purchased by the Client.
  • All hire items must be returned to us within 48 hours of the event, unless agreed otherwise.
  • Please advise your guests that all hired items (e.g. vases and votives) must not be removed from the venue, otherwise you will be charged the full cost of replacement of each item not returned to us.
  • Clean, unbroken return of all hired items is your responsibility.


  • We respect your privacy. Your names, wedding date, contact details, order information & pricing will be treated with complete privacy. 
  • We will not speak with any media representative or release any information unless you give us consent to do so. We request you do the same and do not disclose order and pricing details to anyone without our express written consent. 

Extreme conditions

  • Bituin will make every possible effort to deliver flowers and other items ordered/rented for your event in a timely manner.  However, Bituin shall not be liable for delay or the inability to deliver flowers due to severe weather, traffic accident, road closures, landslides, floods or other acts of nature or war.  


  • In the event of the incapacitation of the head designer for the contracted event, a suitable replacement will be secured.  If a replacement cannot be secured in time for the event, a refund of monies paid will be issued.  (See "Refunds" section of contract for specifics.) 


    • Bituin will at no time be liable for more than the amount the client has paid for the event contracted. In the event of fire, natural disaster, tragedy or other emergency, liability is limited to refund of monies paid.


    Last updated 26 February 2024