Melbourne Corporate Flower Services

Bituin provides you with custom and bespoke flower services for businesses across Melbourne. Whether you require flower centrepieces for your next event or arrangements wrapped and ready to be sold or given away to your customers, clients or employees - we’re here to help.

Corporate Flower Services

Flowers have an incredibly meaningful and universal statement that resonates with employees and customers alike. Bituin can provide you with a professional and effective way to help your company, customers and clients share all those positive emotions that come with flowers.

We would love to work with you and bring our genuine and warm service to you and your customers - positively, sustainably.

Below are some examples of other flower services we currently deliver to business clients, however if you have any ideas you would like to discuss with us please feel free to contact us.

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Individual wrapped flowers for special events

For example, individual flowers to be given to students during school graduations or giveaways to customers during valentines day.

Recption and building flower subscriptions

Wow customers and clients when they enter your building, or increase morale in the workplace as people return to the office with lovely fresh flowers. Arrangements that are in line with your business image. 

B2C flower service

Excel at customer service and exceed expectations. Nurture relationships with your employees, clients, customers or stakeholders by sending flowers. Flowers make for a perfect gift for almost any occasion - from birthdays, thank-yous, sympathy, health and new baby - the opportunity to recognise and foster relationships with your stakeholders is endless.

Fresh flower bouquets

Have your own fresh flower stand and sell or give away beautiful seasonal bunches along with your goods or services. Perfect for cafes, restaurants and specialty retail - we can provide you with bouquets of flowers either on a regular basis or as a one time event.

Event flowers

Make a statement at your next event and add that wow factor. Flowers are a gorgeous way to uplift and enliven an event. We will work with you to create beautiful arrangements that compliment and enhance your event space.


    We work towards floral solutions that will benefit your business as well as ensure environmental, social and economic impacts are thoughtfully considered along the way.


    We will create flowers and arrangements that meet and exceed customer expectations ensuring processes used to do so are in a positive and sustainable manner.


    We will with you on solutions in a positive, collaborative manner to achieve beautiful and meanigful flower arrangements for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate Flower Services FAQ

What other floral services do you offer?

Think of us as your flower consultant. We will work with you to come up with the best floral solutions for your business needs across Melbourne. Fill out the enquiry form above to discuss your options or let us know what you’re looking for and see how we can help. We can provide flowers and gifting services, planning, and styling of flowers for events and weddings as well as everyday deliveries to your employees or customers all over Melbourne.

What are your payment terms?

We can provide various invoicing arrangements, based on your organisation's requirements.

For event flowers, we require full payment 30 days before the event. Events less than 30 days away will be required to be paid in full on receipt. This is outlined in our events Terms and Conditions that we will share with you.

What's the best way to get in contact?

Fill in the enquiry form above, otherwise send us an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can you create custom arrangements to match our branding or event theme?

Yes, we can provide custom design services and can tailor arrangements to match your company's branding, colour palette, or event theme. Keeping seasonality and sustainability in mind, we can also incorporate specific flowers, colours, and vessels to align with your preferences.

What is the lead time for placing orders for corporate events or flower deliveries?

We recommend you place orders for larger corporate events well in advance (at least a month) to ensure availability and enough time to plan. A lead time of at least a few days to a week is often sufficient for smaller one-off arrangements.

What types of floral arrangements are suitable for corporate settings?

There are many flower varieties that are suitable for corporate settings. Based on your company’s brand and overall office décor we will work with you to ensure the arrangements are suitable for your space. Floral arrangements suitable for corporate settings often include elegant and understated designs, such as monochromatic or arrangements with flowers en-masse, creatively structured or use classic flowers like lilies, orchids, or roses. Simple and sleek vase designs or potted plants can also be appropriate for office decor.

Do you offer corporate gifting options, and can you include our company branding or personalised messages with the arrangements?

Yes, we offer corporate gifting options and can customise arrangements with your company branding, logos, or personalised messages. This adds a personal touch to your floral gifts.