When to Enquire About Wedding Flowers in Melbourne

When to Enquire About Wedding Flowers in Melbourne

When planning your dream wedding in Melbourne, there are many variables and decisions that have to be made - one essential element that adds beauty, elegance, and fragrance to your special day are wedding flowers. As you embark on your wedding planning journey, one question that may come up (and we are regularly asked) is "When is the best time to enquire about wedding flowers?" In this post, we will discuss the ideal timing for contacting your wedding florist. Bituin, is a wedding and event florist in Melbourne, working seasonally and creatively to endure your floral arrangements are nothing short of breathtaking.

Considerations and Timelines in relation to Wedding Flowers

Planning a wedding involves attention to detail, and enquiring about wedding flowers is no exception. To ensure a seamless floral experience with your florist, it's crucial to consider a few factors on timelines.

  • Wedding Date: We recommend contacting your wedding florist at least six to twelve months prior to your wedding date. This early communication will allow ample time for creating a quote, consultations, brainstorming ideas, and planning, to ensure your floral vision is brought to life.
  • Venue Selection: Finalising your wedding venue us a must before reaching out to your florist. The ceremony and reception locations play a significant role in determining the style, colour palette, and overall design of your floral arrangements. By sharing the venue details with your florist, they can provide valuable insights and tailor our creations to complement the ambiance of your chosen space.
  • Wedding Vision and Colour Scheme: Establishing a clear wedding vision and colour scheme will greatly aid the floral design process. Whether you prefer a classic, romantic, rustic, or modern style, sharing your ideas with your florist will allow their them to create bespoke floral designs that perfectly align with your vision.

Peak Wedding Seasons

As any Melbournian knows, we live in a diverse climate, sometimes experiencing all the seasons in a day! The wedding season is no exception and can vary throughout the year. To secure your desired wedding date and lock in Bituin's exceptional services, it is advisable you enquire about wedding flowers well in advance.

  • Spring and Summer: The months of September to March are popular for weddings due to the generally pleasant weather. To ensure availability during this busy time as well as access to a wide range of seasonal blooms, contacting you florist approximately six to twelve months before your wedding is recommended.
  • Autumn and Winter: For couples planning a wedding during the cooler months of April to August, contacting your wedding florist at least four to nine months prior is advisable. While the floral options may differ from those available in spring and summer, our skilled team can create stunning arrangements using beautiful seasonal winter blooms and foliage, adding warmth and elegance to your celebration.

Flexibility and Availability of your florist 

Bituin is committed to providing a positive and collaborative service to all their clients. While adhering to the suggested timelines is essential, they understand that circumstances may vary.

  • Last-Minute Enquiries: Most florists can accommodate last-minute wedding flower enquiries whenever possible, for example us at Bituin. However, availability of specific blooms and their team's schedule may be limited. When enquiring last minute, it is best not to have a specific flower in mind and to be open to the florist's suggestions on the best flowers in season. Last minute enquires benefit most by having a strong vision that can be articulated to the florist.
  • Off-Peak Seasons: Planning a wedding during the quieter months may offer flexibility in terms of timing. If you are considering an off-peak wedding date, contacting Bituin approximately four to nine months prior to your big day can still allow for personalised consultations and a wide range of floral options.


I hope this has given you an idea of considerations and timing of enquiring about your wedding flowers in Melbourne. When it comes to planning your wedding flowers with Bituin, there is no time like the present. While we do recommend enquiring about wedding flowers six to twelve months before your wedding date we can also cater to last minute requests. Regardless, we look forward to bringing your floral vision to life. 

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