Creating a Pinterest Board for Wedding Flower Planning: Unveiling Your Floral Vision

Creating a Pinterest Board for Wedding Flower Planning: Unveiling Your Floral Vision

The Magic of Pinterest in Wedding Flower Planning

Pinterest has revolutionised wedding planning, and is an invaluable tool for brides and grooms for finding the most beautiful inspiration for their wedding day. When it comes to wedding flower planning, Pinterest offers such a large library of stunning flower designs catering to virtually any vision you may have. Being such an useful tool, we thought we provide a quick guide on how to curate your wedding flower Pinterest board to help you plan your wedding day florals as well as what you need to keep in mind as you put it all together.

Figuring Out Your Vision: Exploring Wedding Flower Styles and Themes

Pinterest opens doors to an absolute treasure trove of wedding flower designs and themes, ranging from modern and romantic to rustic and bohemian. The possibilities are endless and at times, even overwhelming. To curate images that truly resonate with you, consider the following tips:

  1. When starting your board, give yourself freedom to save and like all the images you love. At this stage don't worry too much about saving cohesive designs. You should be able to enjoy the experience!
  2. As you accumulate a selection of images (at least 10-20), begin the process of refining your style. You should start to see patterns emerge so you can focus on specific wedding flower styles that align with your overall wedding theme and personal preferences. Whether you're drawn to elegant and timeless arrangements or prefer a wild and organic look, pinpointing your style will help you find inspiration that matches your vision.

Discovering Your Colour Palette: Crafting a Cohesive Floral Scheme

Pinterest can provide inspiration for a kaleidoscope of wedding flower colours, enabling you to gather inspiration for your dream colour palette. To create a visually appealing and cohesive scheme for your floral arrangements, our tip is to firstly choose a colour palette that you love. Building a collection of colour schemes will aid in guiding you and your florist to bring your vision to life.

Simply type in some key words that align with your vision followed by “colour palette” and you should see heaps of examples that might work for you. For example, you can type in “elegant white colour palette”, scroll through and find something you like, for example this image:

Finding Patterns in Incohesive Ideas: Unravelling the Hidden Themes

As mentioned above, when you first create your mood board, give yourself the freedom to save all the pictures you love, even if it’s not quite the initial vision you had in your mind. Once you’ve saved a number of images, you mind that at first glance, your Pinterest board may appear like a mix of ideas. However, if you start to look at your board as a whole, rather than individual images, you can usually find recurring themes emerging. As you scroll through your board, take note of recurring flowers, colours, or design elements. Recognising these patterns will help in creating a more cohesive floral vision. Your florist can also help to recognise these patterns if you’re not sure.

Putting Theory into Practice: A Sample Mood Board

Here's an example mood board we’ve created that that brings the concepts to life:

We invite you to share your thoughts on this mood board in the comments below with your interpretations of its overarching vision, recurring themes, designs, and featured flowers.

Be Aware of the Cost and Appearance: A Realistic Approach

Of all the tips we’re providing, this is probably the most important one to consider. Pinterest is home to many grand and over the top designs, often professionally photographed and filtered to show the flowers in their absolute best light. Keep in mind that often these arrangements feature the premium blooms in abundance so and don’t include any pricing consideration. A lush and large ceremony installation is likely to be more costly than you think. Many images showcase intricate and abundant floral designs that can come with a significant cost. We suggest that you:

  • Be mindful of your budget and expectations when selecting floral designs. Your florist should provide realistic advice on what is achievable based on your requirements and floral budget all while retaining the essence of your vision.
  • Also keep in mind that most images are be filtered or edited, and not all floral designs may be feasible for your wedding. Focus on the vision and work with your florist to adapt the ideas to suit your needs.
  • Flowers transition through the seasons, and while you may find a design you love, your wedding may be during a time when the flowers in that design are no longer in season. Work with your florist to come up with alternative designs that still reflect the look and feel of the design you love.

    Sharing Your Pinterest Board with Your Florist: Enhancing Communication

    Collaborating with your chosen wedding florist becomes effortless when you share your Pinterest board. This visual representation of your vision allows effective communication and ensures your floral arrangements align with your floral vision for your wedding day. Discuss your Pinterest board with your florist during consultations. Share your thoughts, preferences, and any changes you might wish to make and be open to the possibilities.

    Unleashing the Potential of Pinterest in Wedding Flowers

    Pinterest can greatly assist in streamlining wedding flower planning and enhancing communication with your florist. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and with hundreds of millions of pins, Pinterest sure has many! It allows you to explore and communicate an array of styles, colours, and themes, empowering you to create a stunning and personal floral vision for your special day. At Bituin, we value the magic of Pinterest inspiration and are dedicated to translating your ideas into exquisite and sustainable wedding floral designs. 

     Enquire about your wedding flowers

    Bituin is a Melbourne-based wedding and event florist, also providing daily flower deliveries. We are committed to bringing your floral vision to life that is intentional and beautiful. Our team will work closely with you to understand your preferences, incorporate sustainable practices, and create breathtaking floral arrangements that exceed your expectations for your summer wedding. We take pride in our ability to curate natural designs that reflect and highlight the beauty of your special day.

    For more inspiration and advice on planning your  wedding in Melbourne, visit our wedding flowers FAQ or follow us on Instagram.

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