All the Flowers you Need for Your Elopement or Small Wedding in Melbourne

All the Flowers you Need for Your Elopement or Small Wedding in Melbourne

Check out the Elopement and Small Wedding Package

Planning an intimate wedding, whether it's an elopement or a civil ceremony, allows couples to focus on what truly matters - their love and commitment to each other. We at Bituin, a creative and sustainably focused Melbourne wedding florist, understand the significance of these special moments and to make them unforgettable as possible we've developed a Small Wedding and Elopement Flowers package.

This perfect package offers a curated selection of wedding flowers, including a bridal bouquet, buttonhole, and table centrepiece to bring you just the right flowers you need for your intimate celebration. Let's delve into the details of this package and explore why this might be the perfect choice for your wedding.

A Stress-Free Option for Your Special Day

Wedding planning can be overwhelming, even for smaller ceremonies. Bituin's Small Wedding and Elopement Flowers package was designed to alleviate the stress that can often be associated with wedding planning. There are only three steps involved to book this package - select your items, select your design preferences, then add your contact details!

The aim of this package is to help couples focus on cherishing each moment without worrying about the details behind floral arrangements. You can select from a carefully curated items, while we do all the behind the scenes work to ensure that your special wedding ceremony feels complete, with minimal effort required on your part.

The Elements of Bituin's Small Wedding and Elopement Package

Bridal Bouquet

 Bridal bouquet Melbourne wedding florist

The bridal bouquet can hold immense sentimental value and can be a focal point of many wedding moments and photos. Bituin's experienced florists understand the importance of capturing the essence of your love story through flowers. By opting for our Bituin's Small Wedding and Elopement Flowers package, we will craft you a bespoke and stunning bridal bouquet that will bring you the joy and beauty of flowers on the day. 


Buttonhole Melbourne wedding florist

The groom's buttonhole is a subtle yet significant accessory that adds elegance to one's attire. You can select a beautifully crafted buttonhole that will be made with meticulous attention to detail. We will ensure that the buttonhole will stand out on its own, making its wearer feel confident and special on the big day.

Table Centrepiece

Table Centrepiece Melbourne Wedding Florist

A beautifully adorned table can add a touch of elegance and charm to your intimate wedding celebration, that brings together all the special people you want to celebrate with - whether its just the couple or with other family and friends. Our package includes the option to select a captivating table centrepiece that becomes the focal point of your reception. We will thoughtfully design a statement centrepiece that incorporates the freshest local and seasonal flowers and foliage.

    Why Choose Bituin's Small Wedding and Elopement Package?

    Sustainable and Creative Focus

    We are continuously committed to sustainable and creative floral design. We prioritise sourcing locally grown, seasonal flowers, reducing our carbon footprint and waste as well as supporting the local community. We also love to explore creative ways we can impact the design to bring you an amazing floral experience. By working with Bituin, you can embrace eco-consciousness without compromising design and style.

    Personalised Design

    We understand that every love story is unique. Our collaborative and friendly team will work closely with you to understand your preferences and bring your floral vision to life. As part of the package, you can choose from colour palettes we have curated ourselves as well as the overall design style. From there, every detail is meticulously tailored to create an bespoke set of florals for your wedding day.

    Ease and Convenience

    With Bituin's Small Wedding and Elopement Flowers package, the process of ordering wedding flowers is effortless and fun! You can easily select the elements, style and colours that resonate with your vision. The streamlined process allows you to focus on what truly matters - celebrating your love.

    Final Thoughts

    Bituin's small wedding and elopement package provide an enchanting solution for couples seeking a stress-free and memorable intimate wedding experience. By offering a curated selection of wedding flowers, including a breathtaking bridal bouquet, a sophisticated buttonhole, and a captivating table centrepiece, Bituin

    We are so excited to have created and now offer this amazing Small Wedding and Elopement Flowers package. With a curated selection of wedding flowers, including a stunning bridal bouquet, elegant buttonhole, and captivating table centrepiece, this package ensures that your intimate celebration will feel so special - no matter the size. It would be our absolute privilidge and joy to help you focus on what truly matters - celebrating your love.

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