A Guide to Planning Your Stunning Spring Wedding in Melbourne

A Guide to Planning Your Stunning Spring Wedding in Melbourne

Spring is a season of renewal and beauty, making it an ideal time for a romantic wedding in Melbourne. As the city comes alive with colourful flowers and lush greenery, there's no better backdrop to celebrate your love. At Bituin, a Melbourne wedding, event, and daily deliveries florist, we're excited to share our floral expertise on planning the perfect spring wedding. In this blog we'll suggest delightful blooms during the different stages of Spring as well as provide you with our top tips on how to approach planning your Spring wedding flowers. Spoiler: our top tip is to let your florist choose the best spring blooms available on your wedding day to bring the best out of the season. Read on to find out more.

Flowers in Early Spring (September - October):

  1. Tulips: Symbolizing new beginnings and love, tulips are a quintessential spring flower. With a wide range of colours, they're a hardy and versatile choice for bouquets, centrepieces, and arrangements.
  2. Ranunculus: These delicate, multi-petaled flowers exude elegance and sophistication. Ranunculus create a soft and romantic feel for your wedding décor. I absolutely love incorporating ranunculus into centrepiece designs for an elegant and elevated feel.
  3. Anemones: Known for their striking dark centres, anemones bring elegance and uniqueness to floral arrangements. Despite their size, they are absolutely captivating in appearance and complement modern, rustic and traditional wedding themes.

Flowers in Mid-Spring (November - December):

  1. Peonies: Beloved for their lush and voluminous blooms, peonies are a symbol of romance and prosperity. However, their blooming window is relatively short, and their availability may be limited. If they’re available and within your colour scheme and vision, we’ll be sure to use these wedding favourites.
  2. Sweet Peas: These fragrant flowers evoke a sense of nostalgia and delicacy. Their pastel colours and gentle scent make them an excellent choice for creating dreamy, whimsical bouquets and floral accents.
  3. Hyacinths: With their intense fragrance and beautiful clusters of bell-shaped flowers, hyacinths add charm and elegance to any wedding arrangement.

Flowers in Late Spring/Early Summer (January - February):

  1. Roses: While roses are available year-round, their peak season falls in late spring. As a timeless symbol of love and beauty, roses come in various hues and can be incorporated into any wedding style. Melbourne’s climate is perfect for growing roses, and the roses we can source from local growers are nothing short of magical. 
  2. Delphiniums: Tall and graceful, delphiniums make a stunning and showstopping statement in floral arrangements. Their elongated stems of blossoms add a touch of drama and interest to your wedding décor.
  3. Lisianthus: Resembling roses with delicate petals, lisianthus blooms are available in various shades and are perfect for creating elegant, classic arrangements.

Weather and Flower Availability:

While we strive to create exquisite floral designs for your spring wedding, it's essential to remember that nature is unpredictable. Factors such as temperature, rain, and sunshine play a crucial role in determining flower availability. Some flowers may bloom earlier or later than usual due to weather fluctuations. We work closely with local growers to source the freshest and finest blooms, but we also encourage flexibility and openness to alternative flower options when necessary.

Top Tips to Make the Most of Spring Blooms:

Tip 1: Start Early and Communicate Your Vision

When planning your spring wedding flowers, it's essential to start the process early and establish open communication with your florist. Spring is the beginning of the busy wedding and florists may have limited availability, especially if they are committed to other events. Reach out to your chosen florist as soon you have a wedding date and venue to secure their services for your wedding day.

During your initial consultation, clearly communicate your vision and preferences. Discuss your wedding theme, colour palette, and any specific flower choices you have in mind. A professional florist like Bituin will provide valuable insights, suggest seasonal blooms that align with your vision, and help you make informed decisions based on your budget and style.

Tip 2: Embrace Seasonal Blooms and Flexibility

Embrace the beauty of the season by incorporating seasonal blooms into your floral arrangements. While we are happy to take requests, we can never promise that the flowers you request will be available on the day. Keep in mind that the availability of some flowers, like peonies, may be limited due to their short blooming window.

Be open to alternatives and trust your florist's expertise in selecting the freshest and most suitable flowers for your special day. Flexibility is key to achieving stunning arrangements that capture the essence of spring. Using your vision and colour scheme, we will provide you with gorgeous alternatives that are abundant, fresh and will best bring your vision to life.

Tip 3: Consider the Venue and Seasonal Elements

When planning your spring wedding flowers, consider the venue and the seasonal elements that will surround your celebration. If you're having an outdoor wedding, take inspiration from nature's beauty and incorporate natural elements into your floral designs. For example, consider using potted plants and blooming branches as part of your ceremony backdrop or reception centrepieces.

Enquire about your spring wedding flowers

As Melbourne's weather can be unpredictable in spring, consider having a backup plan for outdoor ceremonies to protect the floral arrangements from rain or wind. Your florist can advise you on designs that work both inside and outside as well as durable and weather-resistant flowers and foliage that will maintain their beauty throughout the day.

A spring wedding in Melbourne promises enchanting blooms, vibrant colours, and a touch of natural beauty that perfectly complements your special day. At Bituin, we're dedicated to crafting sustainable and creative floral designs that capture the essence of the season. While flower availability may be influenced by weather patterns, working with an experienced wedding florist ensures a breathtaking display of flowers that evoke the romance and beauty of spring.

For more inspiration and expert advice on planning your spring wedding in Melbourne, visit our wedding flowers FAQ or follow us @bituin.flowers on Instagram.

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