A guide to planning low-allergy wedding flowers: Cry at your wedding – out of happiness and not because of allergies!

A guide to planning low-allergy wedding flowers: Cry at your wedding – out of happiness and not because of allergies!

For couples and guests with allergies, planning a wedding can be challenging, especially when it comes to selecting flowers. At Bituin, a sustainable wedding florist in Melbourne, we understand the importance of creating a low-allergy environment while still experiencing the beauty and luxury that fresh flowers and foliage bring to your wedding day. In this guide, we will explore how to choose flowers when you're allergic to them, providing helpful tips for planning with your florist, and presenting a variety of flowers and foliage options that have low pollen or reduced fragrance. We'll also discuss alternative design elements that can add romance and elegance to your wedding without triggering allergies.

Understanding Allergy-Friendly Flowers

When it comes to allergy-friendly flowers, this may seem obvious, however the key is to select flowers with low pollen production or exposure and minimal fragrance. Pollen grains are common allergens that can cause discomfort for sensitive individuals. Floral fragrances can also trigger discomfort for others. By choosing flowers less likely to trigger allergies, couples can enjoy their special day without sneezing and sniffles.

When dealing with allergies, it's essential to discuss your allergies with your florist right from the start. It's important to determine whether only specific flowers trigger your allergies, whether it's their scent or their pollen. This information will help narrow down or expand the range of flowers suitable for your wedding. An experienced florist can suggest hypoallergenic blooms that are less likely to cause allergic reactions.

Many beautiful flowers are considered safe choices for allergies, such as roses, peonies, hydrangeas, and orchids. You can also consider incorporating more greenery into your arrangements, as they are less likely to cause allergies. There are also methods to prevent flowers from releasing pollen. For example, a florist might choose tightly closed or double-blossom flowers, which release fewer pollen grains. Florists may also manually remove the pollen from certain flowers, like lilies. Effective communication with your florist and being open to low-allergy flower and foliage options are our key tips, ensuring you enjoy a memorable, allergy-friendly wedding day.

Flowers with Low Pollen

This is a short list of some flowers we've used in low allergy weddings, which have typically worked well for our couples. Please note that the availability of these flowers can vary depending on the season. It's also important to remember that every person is different. While some allergy sufferers we've worked with may not have experienced symptoms, individual responses can differ.

  • Roses: Roses are a classic and timeless choice for weddings. Many varieties have low pollen levels or hidden pollen, making them an excellent option for allergy-prone individuals.
  • Tulips: These elegant blooms with petals that can hide pollen as well as pollen that doesn’t spread with the wind. They come in a wide range of colours, adding vibrancy to your wedding arrangements.
  • Orchids: Orchids are not only beautiful and exotic but also have minimal pollen, making them a safe choice for allergy sufferers.
  • Ranunculus: Double-petaled ranunculus are fluffy, gorgeous, and elegant. They are perfect wedding flowers, and due to the abundance of petals, their pollen is often hidden.
  • Lilies: For lilies to be low-allergy, their pollen must be removed. This is a typical practice for florists. When used en masse, they look modern and sculptural and are gorgeous for weddings.
  • Snapdragons: These flowers provide a soft and striking height to arrangements. With their petals curled over the pollen, they are excellent choices for low-allergy weddings.

Allergy-Friendly Foliage Options

Foliage can play a significant role in wedding floral designs, providing texture and depth to arrangements or even making it a focal element. Some interesting foliage to consider for your wedding include:

  • Maple Leaves: Maple leaves, especially in the vibrant red and orange hues of autumn, not only add stunning colour but are typically low in allergens.
  • Gum (Non-Flowering Varieties): Gum leaves come in various types, and some non-flowering varieties have low allergenic potential. They offer unique textures and colours to your arrangements.
  • Smoke bush: Smokebush leaves offer a rich, dark jewel-tone colour without the allergenic properties of its blossoms.
  • Trailing Ivy: Ivy is an elegant, low-allergy foliage choice that drapes beautifully, adding a touch of timeless garden charm to your floral decor.
  • Ruscus: Ruscus leaves are popular for their dainty greenery and longevity, making them a perfect choice for low-allergy foliage in your wedding arrangements.
  • Ferns: Ferns add a touch of lushness to wedding arrangements and are gentle on sensitive guests, making them an excellent choice for allergy-friendly designs. 

Highlighting Other Design Elements

If flowers are just too much for you or your guests, don't worry! There are various other design elements that can add charm and elegance to your wedding without compromising on beauty:

  • Candles: Candles are a fantastic addition or alternative to floral arrangements. They instantly elevate spaces, making the atmosphere more intimate, warm, and
  • Foliage Backdrops: Lush greenery or foliage backdrops are a captivating alternative to traditional flower arches. They not only serve as visually striking and allergy-friendly ceremony or reception backdrops but also infuse a natural, earthy elegance into your wedding setting.
  • Colourful Styling Elements: Vibrant and stylish details such as colourful napkins, table linens, or chair sashes can be incorporated to add a pop of colour and personality to your wedding decor. These elements not only complement your wedding theme but also serve as practical and allergy-free design features.
  • String Lights: Twinkling string lights can transform any venue into a fairytale setting. They are an excellent choice for outdoor weddings, evening receptions, or to create a whimsical, magical ambiance.

Collaborating with Bituin for Allergy-Friendly Floral Designs

At Bituin, we are committed to crafting stunning and allergy-friendly floral designs for your wedding flower arrangements in Melbourne. Our expertise in sustainable and creative design allows us to select flowers and greenery with low pollen and fragrance, ensuring that your special day is not only beautiful but also comfortable for everyone. Our team is here to collaborate with you, taking into account any allergies or sensitivities, to hekpl bring your wedding vision to without compromising on style or sustainability. 

Choosing flowers when you or your guests are allergic to them doesn't mean sacrificing elegance and beauty. By selecting allergy-friendly flowers and greenery, or even exploring alternative design elements, you can create a stunning and comfortable wedding celebration. Bituin, your go-to Melbourne wedding florist, is dedicated to working with you to ensure that every detail is thoughtfully curated to reflect your vision and accommodate any allergies. With Bituin by your side, we can create unforgettable wedding memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.


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