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Benefits of Bituin’s Flower Subscription Vase Swap Program

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Read about why I have implemented a vase swap program for subscription flowers and the six main reasons why I am so excited to be implementing this program. Guess what?! It’s super easy to be a part of!

One of Bituin’s core values is to continually improve daily practices – to be more sustainable but also to genuinely provide more value to customers. A recent action arising from this is the subscription flowers vase swap program. I’m happy to report that at the time of writing this article, it is currently rolled out to all of Bituin’s ongoing flower subscriptions across residential and business. This may not be ground-breaking as this is already practiced by corporate florists, but it is a forward step in improving the day-to-day sustainable practices I undertake.


The vase swap program is super easy to implement and be a part of! After checking if the subscription recipient would like to be part of the program, I typically provide the first vase of flowers (or they can provide their own). On delivery of the flowers, I request that the recipient hands me a vase that they would like for me to design with the next time. Then, the next time I deliver with flowers in their vase they hand me another one – and this cycle repeats. Pretty easy! 


The vase swap program has many advantages that benefit customers, Bituin and the environment! The six main advantages to this include: 

  1. Flowers remain fresh from Bituin’s door to the recipient’s. As the arrangement has a continuous water source the flowers do not suffer risk of drying out during transport. While we generally ensure the flowers have some sort of water source (through a combination of water, sustainability sourced tissue and home compostable bag – click here to find out more about our packaging), there is no beating a vaseful of water. No matter how near or far the flowers travel, you can rest assured they will look their best when they arrive.
  2. As a result of the first point, having a constant water source means that I can also use flowers that require a constant water, rather than avoiding them. For example sunflowers and hydrangea looove water and quickly dry up without it. I am excited to put more interesting flowers in the designs.
  3. While we source sustainable packaging material that can be 100% diverted from landfill (see link above) – vases offer a more environmentally friendly solution as they reduce the waste even further. I use little to no wrapping for the vased arrangements so there’s not much more to do than to admire the flowers! The main reasons I continue to use wrapping some vase arrangements is to protect the flowers during transportation.
  4. Flowers are also made exactly how they should appear in the vase and less fiddling is required to arrange the flowers in a vase once they are received. In this way I hope to be able to show the true intention of the flowers’ design.
  5. Vases remove the need to buy new vases and gives new and exciting life to what we already have. Who need more add more vases to storage, anyway!
  6. It also opens up a whole new world of floral design for subscription flowers. This make subscription not only extra fun for myself when designing, it is also extra fun for those who receive them. 

While there are likely many more benefits, the above lists the main reasons why I am so excited to be implementing this program.

If you would like to join the vase swap program, click here to go to our Subscription flowers page. We have a recurring subscription you can purchase through our website OR you can fill in the form at the bottom of the page and customise your subscription. I definitely recommend going through the form. We also have tips on how to take care of flowers a vase here.

Bituin is a next day flower and gift delivery service, delivering all across Melbourne.

Feel free to drop an email or message and ask any questions you may have!



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